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Program of sunday 30.11.2014


12:30 End of the Game Jam, submission of projects


12:45 Film screenings


13:45 Conférence: Kevin Péclet

An international perspective on the stakes for Swiss developers of video-games, and a presentation of the OTHERWORLD project.

Kevin Péclet is an illustrator, designer, and developer of independent video games. A graduate of EPAC, he promotes and popularizes in French-speaking Switzerland the development of gaming videos and the art of video games.


14:15 Talk: Stéphanie Mader

From games for entertainment to educational and therapeutic games: presentation of a prototype game for stimulating the attention of Alzheimer patients.

Stéphanie Mader is a video game designer who is writing her doctorate at the Computer Research Laboratory (CEDRIC) of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts in Paris on methods for designing games for health.


15:00 Talk: Mike Pelletier (In English)

From the physical to the digital and back again. Exploring the theme of translation between the digital and physical worlds and how things change when they’re being changed from one world to another.

Mike Pelletier is an artist working in the fields of interactive installations, game art, and 3D animation. He will also be presenting a work called “Measured Response”, specially created for this Symposium.


15:45 Talk: Chris Solarski (In English)

Film Storytelling Techniques for Game Design.

Chris Solarski is an artist game designer and author of Drawing Basics and Video Game Art: Classic to Cutting Edge Art Techniques for Winning Video Game Design (Watson Guptill, 2012). He is interested in the intersections between video games and classical art, animation, and film. Chris is currently developing his own video games through his Solarksi Studio, with the aim of exploring new forms of player interaction and creating more expressive and varied emotional experiences in games.


17:00 Presentation of projects Game Jam and awards ceremony


18:00 Closure of PI Symposium

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