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Program of saturday 29.11.2014


12:00 Launching the Game Jam and team presentation

24 hours to create a video gameteams of programmers, artists and other technicians will compete for the challenge.

Talk: Thomas Crausaz

Introducing the Game Art section of the EPAC.

Thomas Crausaz is responsible for the section of the Art Game EPAC.


12:30 Film screenings


13:30 Talk: Cédric Plessiet

Interactive, virtual, intelligent actors: previewing for the cinema; motion capture, modelling, 3D scanning, real-time rendering engines, and artificial intelligence for video games.

Cédric Plessiet has been a maître deconférences at ATI since 2009; he carries out research at the INREV, at Paris 8.


14:15 Talk: Christian Etter (Anglais)

On how to design games in order to make them perform well and be original, plus insights into the design process of “Drei”, a game which has won a number of awards. (In English)

Christian Etter’s work has won the Cannes Gold Lion, ADC Gold Cube, Webby Award, and the European Design Award. He is a member of the Advisory Board of UNESCO’s Design21 Association, and of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, as well as chairman of the Digital Arts Association (Zurich). In 2008 he founded Etter Studio, a small interdisciplinary design and strategy company, based in Zurich.


15:00 Talk: Camille Scherrer

On the real and the unreal world, industrial design, augmented reality, and interactive installations.

Camille Scherrer is a Swiss designer with a diploma in visual communication and interactive design from ECAL (a university of art and design in Lausanne). She is seeking new fields to explore at the intersection of art and technology.


15:45 Round tables: Paysages imaginaires (Anglais)

Moderator: Patrick Gyger, director of Lieu Unique, Nantes


Andrzej Bednarczyk is a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts at Cracow, where he directs the department of painting.

Camille Scherrer (Swiss designer)

Christian Etter (Swiss designer)


17:00 Talk​: Yann Minh

Préhistoire du transhumanisme, d’une singularité à l’autre: les différents moments

clefs de notre histoire des sciences et des arts qui ont conduit à la naissance de la cyberculture, du transhumanisme et de la singularité.

Yann Minh est un artiste multimédia, réalisateur et conférencier français spécialisé dans la cyberculture.


18:30 Aperitif


19:30 Evening DONTNOD

Presentation of the development of the game “Remember me”: Neo-Paris 2084. It is now possible to digitize, buy, sell and exchange personal memories: these ultimate forms of our private life and intimacy have been swept away by what seems to be a logical evolution of the explosion of social networking since the beginning of the 21st century.

A speed-painting session (digital painting shown live on a large screen) with Aleksi Briclot.

Co-founder of the DONTNOD ENTERTAINMENT studio, Jean-Maxime Moris is the studio’s creative director. He created “Remember me” which came out in June 2013. Co-founder and art director of the DONTNOD ENTERTAINMENT studio, Aleksi Briclot is also an illustrator in the fields of science fiction and the fantastic.

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