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Epac - Morina Ramiz

The organizers



The first school in Switzerland for designing and drawing comic strips and game art has become part of the country’s landscape of the 9th art since 1993. It cooperates with Universities in Europe and Asia, having set up exchanges between students and artists to promote the 9th art, the making of 2 and 3D animated films, game art, illustration, and painting. The school also enables students to put the subjects they are studying into artistic and professional perspective by carrying out projects within the institution. The school brings the latest developments into its classes by inviting experts in the field to give workshops and courses. Attentive to the latest artistic research, EPAC shows itself to be a forward-thinking school.




Founded and incorporated in 2007, the Sequence Foundation aims to promote narrative image-making and sequential art in all its forms (comics, illustration, animation, new media, painting, theatre, dancing and all the arts that express movement, sequence, and narrative) in the area of higher education and events. By organizing exhibitions, workshops, conferences, festivals and cultural events, it encourages students to go on cultural exchanges and to discover artists of international repute. It also organizes competitions for young artists to create fresh springboards for research and reflection on the art of today and tomorrow.




The town theatre of Monthey, directed by Lorenzo Malaguerra, a stage director. Built in 1989, the theatre is the fruit of a very strong theatrical tradition that has animated the town for over forty years. The Crochetan is on the circuit of the quality national and international touring shows in all the scenic arts. It aims to provide Monthey with a major source of cultural entertainment through its collaboration with other places dedicated to culture. It also aims to lend its weight to making newly-created works by local artists available to the public and to foster cultural activity in the region. A major pre-occupation is to bring together a wide spectrum of the general public by generating and developing a quality-based and a richly eclectic programme.




The Director of the EPAC and originators 

of the Imaginary Landscapes competition:

Patrizia Abderhalden and Eng-Hiong Low      



Stéphane Siviero                                                  



Christian Avert 


Project manager

Angel Bannwart


Head of the Game Art department 

Thomas Crausaz 


The Sequence Foundation

Communications officer

François Bötschi                                                  



Gilles Francescano                                               


The Théâtre du Crochetan


Lorenzo Malaguerra, 

Responsible of the gallery 

Julia Hountou 


Technical manager

Joël Pochon


Communications officer

Livia Berno                                                            


Town of Monthey 

Municipal counsellor for culture & tourism 

Fabien Girard 


Visual artist

Nikolaos T. Spanos


Graphic artist

Guillaume Fivaz


Video sound

Orestis Chatzitheodorou


English translation

G. Peter Winnington

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