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28.11.14 - 01.03.15 

Formal opening: 

Friday 28 November at 8 p.m.


Opening hours:

9–12 a.m. and 2–6 p.m. (except Saturdays and Sundays) plus the evenings when there is a performance at the Theatre.


The Imaginary Landscapes exhibition


A selection from the student work (videos, animations, digital paintings, interactive installations, drawings, transmedia) entered for the “Imaginary Landscapes II” biennial international competition, initiated by Patrizia Abderhalden, who directs the EPAC, and Eng-Hiong Low, in collaboration with the  MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) at Taipei on Taiwan (ROC), and the fruit of collaboration between arts academies and universities in Europe and Asia. The theme of this second edition was “Immortal quest – new spaces and codes – the post human”. 


With the new technologies and new artistic media, experimentation plays an essential role in both the teaching and the learning processes. New codes and new techniques have completely changed the access to the media of artistic expression and how they are used. The idea in itself has become more important than the original work. In a post-modern, global and interconnected world, we need a more open mind, to think beyond common sense if we are to apprehend the new ways of understanding the world, art and society – in short: new imaginary landscapes.


Julia Hountou, curator of the Crochetan Gallery.

Julia Hountou is a teacher with a doctorate in contemporary art history; the Curator of the Théâtre du Crochetan’s Gallery, she commissioned this exhibition.


Title, artist(s) and type of work on show


Obfuscator, Chen-Chun Chen, an interactive installation

Circus, Guo-Wei Chiou, animation

Suspended Monsters, Nicolas Degaudenzi, digital painting

Landscape, Chih-Ming Fan, video

A Time and a Place, Chuang Ho, animated drawings

Floating Island, Hsin-Wen Hsu, wood and pencil

Live or leave, Po-Yu Huang, digital graphics

Bionic Orchid, Li-Chin Lin/Yun-Jun Lin/Cipto Hartanto, interactive installation

Eternity, Julien Loutz, pencil

Rouge Statue, Dexter Maurer, colour pencils

Le Signal, Ramiz Morina, digital painting

Emissary, Kevin Péclet/Ramiz Morina, video

Blue Vegas, Aimé Salamin, digital painting

Goodbye, Goodbye! Ping-Yu Shen, animation

Uluru 1, Justyna Smolen, photograph

Untitled, Stanislawski, photograph

Epreuve 1-4, Alice Suret-Canale, gelatin silver print

Posthuman, Katarzyna Szymkiewiecz, video

Insect Swarm III, Bing-Hua Tsai, interactive sound installation

Post Human, Gautier Rebetez, photomontage

Le Titan, Florent Roh, digital painting

Cinis 13, Adam Vogt, digital painting

Stamp, Lewis Wang, artwork on paper

The Voyage, Po-Yen Wang, video installation

Murder, Tzu-Ting Yang/Jui-Ting Fan/Li-Ping Wang, animation

Ziggourat, Loïc Zanfagna, painting

Samara, Xiao-Kang Zhang, animation



Partners of the biennial competition:


MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) at Taipei on Taiwan (ROC)

EPAC, Academy of Contemporary Arts at Saxon, Switzerland

LU, Lieu Unique, Nantes, France

ASP, the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow, Poland

MCU, Ming Chuan University, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC)

NTUA, National Taiwan University of Arts, Digital Art Lab, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC)

Théâtre du Crochetan, Monthey, Switzerland

MEN, the Ethnographic Museum of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Sequence Foundation, Switzerland

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